Working Environment and Capabilities

The continuously progressions and developments in the information technology, and all the recently reached developments and high-tech in hardware and software products, facilitated not only the office applications and the engineering services, but also led to enhancement of the precision and quality.

erdemli, pays great attention to keep the hardware and software up-to –date. Hardware stock is divided to workstations and common use areas.

It is very important to keep the system working even in worst cases. A professional team performs the performance tests of the office equipment in regular intervals, so that any potential problems are prevented in advance.

The company paying great attention to the utilization exclusively licensed software programs, uses always the most current and contemporary versions of recent developed CADD software, which are used worldwide, and contributes also to the development of such worldwide used CADD software as solution partners.

erdemli, provides furthermore, technical consultancy for some software programs of which, the company is the Alpha and Beta user, and performs within the framework of this teamwork any tasks of its part on the best way in order to perfect the structural design and analyze.

Office automation and coordination is maintained by tools as Exchange and Outlook running on the Server based Microsoft Back-Office for Small Business, and depend on the shared procedure forms and file transfer sites. System security is maintained by user passwords and data availability is not possible without authorization.

An effective communication system is built by the help of continuous and fast global web connection.


Company Hardware List

Printers Plotters and Scanners

  • A0 Plotters
  • A3-A4 Color Inkjet Printers
  • A3-A4 B&W Laser Printers
  • A4 Color Laser Printers
  • A3-A4 1200*1200 Dpi Scanners

Facsimiles and Modems

  • Fax Machine
  • Cable Modem (128-256 Kbps)
  • ADSL Modem (1024-2048 Kbps)


  • System Server
  • Data Server


  • Desktop Workstations
  • Laptop Workstations

Company Software List

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional
  • Microsoft Back Office for Small Business Server

Desktop Applications

  • Office 2003 Professional
  • Microsoft Project 2003

Structural Analysis, Design and Detailing

ÝdeCad      Structural Analysis, Design and Detailing
Sta4Cad    Structural Analysis, Design and Detailing
CSI, SAP 2000 NL    Structural Analysis, Design
CSI, ETABS NL       Structural Analysis, Design
CSI,COL      Column Design
CSI,SECTION BUILDER    General Plane Section Analysis and Design
CSI, SAFE   Slab Systems Analysis and Design
XTRACT     General Plane Section Analysis and Design
SHAKE2000   Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering
COP   Steel Connections Design and Detailing
LIMCON    Steel Connections Design and Detailing
erdemli    Structural Analysis, Design and Detailing
erdemli    Risk Analysis Software

3D Design and CADD

Tekla, XSTEEL      3D Steel Structures Design, Detailing and Drafting
AutoDesk, AutoCAD   2D-3D CADD
erdemli    2D-3D CADD Software



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